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Our Expertise

Datacentre Implementation and support

Our datacentre implementation services are tailor made to suit business needs of our customers keeping in mind scalability as well as reliability.

Business Cloud services

Upstream and downstream dependencies and evaluation of implications of migration to the cloud, User and/or customer impact post migration, Ease of Portability, of the workload to the public or hybrid cloud, Workload performance assessment across relevant geographies

Server and Desktop Virtualization

The benefits of virtualization are nothing short of dramatic,  Up to 80 percent greater utilization of every server. Speed up and simplify IT management, maintenance, and the deployment of new applications.

Hybrid IT Services.

Office 365 has rapidly become the de facto platform for running your Microsoft Office Suite. The advantages are great and the monthly subscription costs are even greater. As a Microsoft Partner, we see the benefits for all of our clients and would like to extend this to you.

End user IT services.

End user IT services provided (Work Stations / Laptops / Desktops / Thin clients / Tablets…) , Rental services on Work Stations / Laptops / Desktops / Thin
clients / Tablets.

Tech Solve Engine is veryhappyexcitedto be Official Partners